Owning Your Own Business Has Never Been Sweeter

Owning Your Own Business with La Diperie

Owning your own business is one of the greatest adventures life has to offer. There’s no feeling like realizing your potential as an entrepreneur, all while providing a beloved product and service to your community. Like all great endeavors, the path you choose can make or break the experience.

At La Diperie, we are a wildly popular ice cream and sweets franchise looking for entrepreneurs to join our team as we prepare to break out into the American market. Our award-winning ice cream has become one of Canada’s most talked about treats, and the growth of our business model has shown we’re ready to rapidly expand into the U.S. As La Diperie co-founder and president Sam Arif puts it, “We’ve built a brand that continues to grow for all the right reasons: people love our product, and entrepreneurs believe in our concept.” For an aspiring business owner, the opportunity couldn’t be greater.

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Franchising with La Diperie is Sweet

Ice cream is a classic and universal treat that has been bringing joy to people for ages. At La Diperie, we’ve found that rare sweet spot of an ice cream product that satisfies those classic cravings while also bringing something new to the table. We’re famous for dipping our artisanal-based ice creams, donuts, and cakes into your choice of over 30 delicious dips, which range from high-quality Belgian chocolate, to Key Lime Pie, S’mores, and many more.

As the dips harden, they can be topped with every delicious topping you can think of, like Oreos, pretzels, coconut shavings, cereal, and fresh fruit. There’s thousands of flavor combinations to choose from. As Sam puts it, “Our customers really get to let their imaginations run wild.” The combinations are endless, the experience is original and unforgettable, and most of all, our desserts taste amazing!

As a business owner, we’re offering you the chance to invest in an award-winning proven franchise, right as we’re ready to break big in the American market. We couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead of us, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

The Demand for Sweet Treats

Everyone loves sweets. They say the proof is in the pudding, but really it’s in the ice cream. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, Americans eat 20 pounds of ice cream every year on average, and 73% of consumers enjoy ice cream at least once a week. Ice cream might just be the most universal and beloved dessert of them all. Altogether, the U.S. frozen dessert market was valued at $30.95 billion in 2021, with a forecast growth rate of 4.6% between now and 2030. The demand for sweet treats is at a record high, and La Diperie is excited to offer its own unique take on the classic ice cream shop.

Affordable Franchise Opportunity

At La Diperie, we’ve designed our franchise with affordability in mind. All fees and expenses included, the total investment to open your own La Diperie location spans from $219,925 – $408,525, making it one of the most financially accessible ice cream franchises in the industry. Plus, if you should need it, La Diperie has established relationships with third-party lenders to help finance and get your location up and running. We’re proud to have designed our franchise to be an accessible and affordable option for every entrepreneur.

Unmatched Franchise Support

We’ve made franchise support a central focus of our business model, ensuring you’ll always have the resources you need to operate at your highest level. Our support system has been carefully crafted and honed over our years of experience as a franchise to include all levels of operations, from site selection and build out, to in-person training, product preparation, and effective targeted marketing across multiple platforms in your locale. We think of the La Diperie franchise as a team effort, and we know each La Diperie location is strongest when it can feel the support of the group behind it.

In addition, La Diperie is a proud member of the Kahala Brands™ parent company, one of the biggest and fastest growing franchising companies in the world. Investing in a La Diperie franchising means joining a much larger family of entrepreneurs with a vast network of resources and unmatched support systems at your disposal.

Learn More about Franchising with La Diperie

Interested in franchising with La Diperie? We’d love to hear from you. To learn more, click here to fill out an inquiry form, and we’ll be in touch with a free copy of our downloadable Franchise Information Report for you to check out. Thanks for your interest in La Diperie. We look forward to hearing about your dreams of business ownership and if they can be met by investing in the La Diperie franchise opportunity!

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