Multi Unit Franchising With La Diperie Franchise

La Diperie Franchise is Great for Multi-Unit Franchising

Multi-unit franchising is a business model that allows for business owners to operate more than one franchise location at a time. It requires a great deal of responsibility, of course, but if a franchise owner has the drive and talent for serving in more of a strategic and big-picture role, it can be a great way of expanding a franchise’s network across different markets.

At La Diperie, we encourage as much multi-unit ownership as possible. We’ve created a very supportive environment for you to pursue your business dreams and become the entrepreneur you know you can be. And for good reason – the ice cream and frozen dessert industry is a thriving industry. In 2021, U.S. ice cream makers produced an estimated 1.3 billion gallons of ice cream. Fortune Business Insights recently estimated that the global ice cream market will increase by 37%, up to $97.85 billion, by 2027. At every level of our business operations, from the real estate team, the support system, to the product design, we strive to create a franchise that is ready for maximum growth.

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La Diperie is Built for Scalability

Since opening our first location in Montreal in 2014, we’ve expanded rapidly across Canada, winning awards and becoming one of the country’s most popular dessert destinations. We’re poised now to break big into the American market, and we’re excited to continue growing our franchise network across new territories.

With all this in mind, we’ve designed our business model with scalability as one of its essential features. We know how important it is that each La Diperie unit creates a net positive value to the overall franchise network, and we’ve designed our franchise model to allow for pooled resources, such as a shared back-end staff, and maximum growth – there’s clear cost benefits in owning multiple units. In the end, it comes down to support. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to franchise with multiple La Diperie units. We also understand that for business owners like you, scalability and affordability go hand in hand, and we’ve designed our franchise to be as affordable and available to every entrepreneur as possible. The total cost to open your own La Diperie location ranges from $219,925 – $408,525, making it one of the most financially accessible ice cream franchises in the industry.

La Diperie is a proud member of the Kahala Brands™ parent company. With over 2900 locations in 28 countries, Kahala is one of the premier franchising companies for quick-service restaurants in the world. Operating on a global level, they’ve mastered the art of training and supporting their franchisees into becoming multi-unit business owners. As a La Diperie partner, and a member of the Kahala Brands family, you’ll have all the resources, support, and encouragement you could possibly need to scale up your business into a multi-unit operation.

Learn More about Franchising with La Diperie

Owning your own business, or businesses, can be the adventure of a lifetime. At La Diperie, we’re here to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams, whether it be with one franchise location, or many. If you’d like to learn more about joining the La Diperie team, simply click here to fill out the franchise inquiry form. We’ll look over your information and respond soon to answer any questions you might have. Thanks in advance for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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