La Diperie Franchise Can Be Perfect For Your Franchise Portfolio

What is a Franchise Portfolio?

Owning a business can be the adventure of a lifetime, and in the franchise world, the possibilities are so endless that you can write your own story as you go. Some franchisees prefer to focus on operating one unit, others open multiple units of the same business, some even expand their business portfolio across multiple industries. At La Diperie, we want you to reach your highest potential in business, and we encourage all our franchisees to consider multi-unit franchising. We believe approaching your portfolio from a standpoint of growth and expansion will not only allow you to reach greater heights, but can possibly give you greater financial security during downtimes. We’ve designed our franchise model to allow for as much multi-unit growth as you could ever want.

Why Diversify Your Franchise Portfolio?

The pandemic taught us how practically overnight the economic terrain can change completely. The businesses that stayed afloat through the worst of it were either able to adapt their operations to fit the new landscape, or had multiple revenue streams to pull from until conditions improved. As a business owner, living through the pandemic underscored how important it is to diversify your portfolio and give yourself multiple sources of income, should circumstances strain your income down the road. Even if one unit is simply underperforming, having a multi-unit portfolio can help cut your losses until they’re running back up to speed. In the end, if you’re an entrepreneur, you value financial independence, and you can’t be independent without being financially secure.

So what should you consider when diversifying your portfolio? You’re looking for a synergy between your different units. Finding that synergy is a skill you can continue to cultivate over your career, but in its essence it comes down to a couple simple ideas. You want to collect brands that work well together, that don’t compete or clash with each other. For example, you don’t want to run two different sandwich franchises that compete in the same market. On the other hand, if you’re already running a sandwich shop, you could open a La Diperie right next door, and the customer base would likely go from one to the next, compounding your business, and diversifying your revenue stream. Another option is to build a portfolio across multiple industries. Many multi-unit franchise owners will opt to have some restaurant units, some repair and restoration businesses, some electronics, etc. This can help keep income steady across different seasons, as consumers’ priorities can shift throughout the year. However you go about it, there’s clear benefits to diversifying your portfolio.

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Add La Diperie to Your Franchise Portfolio

La Diperie is a wildly popular Canadian ice cream franchise that’s ready to expand rapidly into the US market. Founded in Montreal in 2014, we quickly became a sensation, winning awards and opening locations all over Canada within just a few years. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to open your first franchise, or already a multi-unit operator, the opportunity couldn’t be greater to get in with a popular brand as we prepare to take our operations to a whole new level with our American expansion.

We want to help every business owner realize their full potential, and so we encourage our franchisees to consider owning multiple La Diperie units. In fact, we’ve designed our business model very specifically with scalability in mind. There are clear cost benefits to owning multiple La Diperie locations, such as pooled resources, shared back-end staff, and compounding brand recognition. Though running a business is of course a big commitment, La Diperie is designed to be as affordable and low-maintenance as possible, giving our franchise partners the breathing room they need to grow and profit.

Always Supported

La Diperie is a proud member of the Kahala Brands™ parent company. Chances are you’ve enjoyed one of their restaurants before, maybe even in the last week! Cold Stone Creamery, Blimpie, and Planet Smoothie are just some of the popular brands on their roster. With 32+ brands of franchised QSR locations around the globe, Kahala Brands has become one of the premier franchising companies for quick-service restaurants in the world. Operating at such a high level, they have the experience and resources to support their franchisees into growing your portfolio into a multi-unit operation. As a La Diperie franchisee, and a member of the Kahala Brands family, you’ll have all the resources, support, and encouragement you could possibly need to expand your portfolio and reach your fullest potential as an entrepreneur.

Start a La Diperie Today!

No matter where you are in your franchising journey, La Diperie is a great brand to add to your current portfolio. If you’re interested in learning more about franchising with us, visit our research pages here, or fill out our inquiry form here to start a conversation with our franchise team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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